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Friday, January 16, 2009

7 Things About Me

I have been really into Twitter for the last few weeks, learning and growing and making it a fun outlet to meet new people and build my "social network." I was asked by Jamie to blog about 7 things that will help people get to know be a bit better... here goes.

  1. I am the largest closet drummer in the world. I have always wanted a drum set. From my early formative days to this very day I am drawn to a drum set. Large or small, percussion always pulls me into the mood. I have always been a hard core RUSH fan. I'm pretty sure its the massive drum set Neil Peart uses that really makes me smile and gets by blood moving along. The way he maneuvers the drums..he is a master of his trade. Don't believe me, check this out. I always meant to take drum lessons when I was young. I took piano lessons as prerequisite to playing drums, but for whatever reason, I never did it. Whenever I would go over to my friend Eric's house, I would sit at his drum set and jam like I was a rock star. To this day there are still a set of drum sticks in my closet and whenever I'm feeling really in the mood, I'll air drum to something fun just to let out some energy. Someday I will have a large digital drum set just to sit and enjoy.
  2. 5 years ago I was sent to China for business. I had the opportunity of spending 17 days in Hong Kong and Shenzen, China to visit overseas printing operations. I visited so many places and saw so many things that I have never seen before its kinda hard to get your hands around all the new sights and sounds. I think of all the lasting impressions I will have from my trip to the far east the fondest would be the gracious Chinese people. Before my journey to Hong Kong and Shenzhen. China, my whole impression of the Far East was one that CNN, Fox News and USA Today had me believe. Soldiers marching in the streets, people working in factories like robots and systems that are backwards and technologically behind.... I was wrong! My experience in China was nothing short of a life changing experience. I tell people that my trip to China was the best thing I have done since the birth of my none. What I saw paled anything I would have dreamed.

    My new found love, honor, respect for the people I met is unimaginable. My stereotypes were shattered from the very start. What I saw was a pure of love, love of life, respect for there country and for the people in which they worked and served. So many hard working people trying to get from Monday to Tuesday and from here to there...just doing there thing. My experience in China was one I will never forget. Both my personal and professional life has been changed...for the better I can only hope!

  3. I hate, scratch that I loath walnuts. Nasty, icky, yucky!

  4. I'm the president of the Graphic Users Association of Kodak Solutions or GUA for short. This users group started out in 1996 and now has over 4000 members world wide. Kodak is a leading prepress workflow in the printing industry. I have been on the board of directors for the past 6 year and president for the past 3 years. Along with the other board members, both from within Kodak and Kodak customers, I assist in putting together the yearly conference. Last years conference was held in Vegas and had an attendance of over 300 members. This years conference will be in Orlando, Fl - May 17 - 21.

  5. I served a full time mission for the LDS Church. I served for 2 years in the Nevada, Las Vegas Mission back in teh late 80's.

  6. I, along with 3 of my brothers, are HUGE eBay fans. I have purchased 3 of my last cars on eBay, Volvo 850 Turbo, GMC Envoy and Cadillac SRX. My brother Chris buys and sells used Honda's Mercedes and Porsche's on eBay and each one of my siblings is driving an eBay vehicle purchase.

  7. I build a pretty mean pinewood derby car. With the help of some tools and skills from my friends over at Derby Champ, Tommy III, my 8 yr old son, was able to win 59 of 60 races last year. This years pinewood derby is in 2 weeks so we are actively building and crafting the vehicle as we speak. The mantra you need to say over and over is "wheels and axles, wheels and axles--weight in the back" and you'll will win every time. See for yourself.
And just in case you didn't care for any of the 7 above, I'll throw in a few extras:
  • Growing up I had pet cats named Fred and Barney, bothers. One day as I pulled out of the driveway, I accidentally drive over barney :<. Note to self, never fall asleep on the tire when someone intends on driving the vehicle.

  • During my high school years I was in the AV club, hard to believe, but yes I was.

  • I'm an Eagle Scout, Both me and my younger brother Mark received our awards on the same evening.
That all folks...

Rock on!


  1. I want a Derby Car! Way cool... and growing up in Korea and traveling to Japan always regretted never hoppin by China.

  2. Only started using Twitter for the last few weeks? How many followers and how many are you following? LOTS, Paul.

    Glad to meet you, Tommy.

  3. Ok you are right. I have been using it since late November in a power mode... So when I wrote this... a few more weeks then... LOL! Thank you for stopping byw


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