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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

$300,000 Zenith Defy Mens Watch

Looking for the timepeice for the guy who has everything?? Want to make sure his gift isn't one that someone else may have? Well this is the watch for you.

Incredible dive depth of 1000m. High-temperature resistant bracelet in black titanium: Solid titanium structure reinforced by Kevlar lateral inserts.

This automatic winding mechanical movement is distinguished by its unique gyroscopic tourbillon cage, and off-centered time display. Composed of 166 individual components, the tourbillon construction also incorporates both spherical and conically-geared wheels, as well as six ball bearings; the unique design promises optimal horizontal positioning of the regulating organ. The Zenith Zero G Tourbillon watch is crafted from black titanium, measures 46.5mm in diameter, and is equipped with sapphire crystals on both front and back, as well as a unique crown protection device. The off-centered dial is made from a combination of carbon fiber and aluminum.

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