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Thursday, January 15, 2009

300 Club Brrrrr

Here in N.E. Wisconsin its currently -14 F with a wind chill at -37. YUCK. Schools are all shut down and the town is pretty much Sloooow going. I was watching the some show in cable that I can't remember the name of, but the show was about the south pole. They talked about a ritual called the 300 Club. From the 300 Club blog

"The 300 Club is a mid-winter activity at Pole so named for the -300°F temperature shift one experiences when running from a +200°F sauna to the Pole and back when the outside ambient temperature hits -100° or below. The air is so dry here that it's possible to sit in a sauna that warm without getting scalded, and it's also possible to make a several minute walk to the Pole and back without losing fatal amounts of body heat. Air is a poor conductor of heat, and ultra-dry air at two-thirds of sea level pressure is even worse. Still, there are some safety-related traditions, such as the buddy-system (never do the 300 Club alone), wear shoes or boots, and there's no shame in wearing gloves or a face-mask."

Now that's what I call hard core!!

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