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Monday, August 10, 2009

Solea Tweetup Picture

So a few weeks ago, @mmangen set up this awesome afternoon lunch tweetup at one of the best Mexican Restaurants in town, Solea. They have a new location in Neenah with this great outdoor patio. I was joined by my sweetie, Mrstommytrc, Baby Drew as well as the usual twitter suspects, @tvorse, @saranisler, @kalalea, and his sweetie @debsoul. I knows there are others, but I have lost their names, so please excuse my forgetfulness.

Well the whole reason for this posting, is the picture they took of us on the patio, was used in a full page as in the Scene magazine. How cool is that!!!!

Yeah for good friends yeah for tweetups and yeah for Baby Drew!!!!

Scene inside on Twitpic

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