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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Family - It's What Holds Us Together

This week while in church, I was sitting in the "customary" Clifford back row pew, where we always sit and have sat for quite some time. I like the back row cause I can keep tabs on whats happening while still sitting in the chapel, without sitting on the harder chairs setup in the overflow area. Well after Sacrament meeting concluded, I kept my soft, warm spot, playing with Drew and readying myself for Sunday School which is taught in the same room. In between feeding Drew and a quick cat least I'm honest that I doze in church--I noticed the sweetest thing that I thought I would share.

Sitting a few rows in front of me was a college student who was here on internship. We shall call him B.A. to protect his identity. He was flanked by his new bride in the right as well as his sister, and his mom on the left. Now B.A. is a tall man. He's got to be 6'7"or better and have the wing span of a B-52... huge! Well what got me was when he put his arms around his wife and his mom at the same time. Just the sweetest form of family love. The sign of a true man is one who honors his mother and treats his wife like a queen. B.A. comes from one amazing family and I learn so much from them each and every day. We really need more strong family bonds in this world.

Here's a pick of the Clifford fam taken last week at Church, the week of Baby Drew's blessing. Pretty great, broken arm and all. I love you Clifford's!!

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