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Monday, November 3, 2008

Not on My Watch

How many of you parents out there watched your kids comb through bags and bags of Halloween candy to find that some people are giving out 3 Musketeers bars?? Ew! I too had to deal with this issue and I'm not happy about it.. I could not believe my eyes. People are still buying that candy bar? ...or better yet buying it and "re-gifting" to other people's kids? Do they have no shame? Was the store all out of perfectly good Snickers, Hershey Bars or Peanut Butter Cups? I'm not sure where you were brought up, but in my home town of Rochester, NY passing out that type of poor candy choice was deemed as cruelty to children and punishable as such. I heard one story of a parent losing their kids to foster care for a whole week cause they purchased this candy for them. Some people find this a bit harsh, not me.

Have you ever eaten one of these candy bars? A 3 Musketeers candy bar is just a chocolate wrapper on marshmallow fluff nastiness, no peanuts, no crunch, no nothing. Parents should never let their kids eat this candy. Never, never never!!

So the next time you are in the Clifford household, you will never find a single 3 Musketeers candy bar... not on my watch!

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  1. WOW WHAT A GREAT BLOG Tommy! I wish I would have known sooner. WOW sweet!

    3 Musketeers are for felons serving time.


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