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Friday, November 7, 2008

A Blast from the Past - Tech Edition

These are just great and I found them over here.  Not sure I 100% like the name of the blog, but this article just tickled me.
  1. Franklin Ace 1200
    Tagline : 13 good reasons to buy the Ace 1200
  2. Atari 800
    Tagling : More capabilities than any other personal computer under $1,000
  3. Compaq
    Tagline : Feature for feature, it’s hard to beat the Compaq Portable
  4. MicroAce
    Tagline : For just $149.00, you get everything you need to build a personal computer at home…
  5. Macintosh
    Tagline : Introducing Macintosh. What makes it tick. And talk
  6. IBM PC
    Tagline : The quality, power, and performance of the IBM Personal Computer are what you’d expect from IBM. The price isn’t
  7. TRS-80 Color Computer
    Tagline : Radio Shack’s $399 TRS-80 Color Computer - Innovation at it’s very best!
  8. Amiga
    Tagline : Amiga under $2,000. Anyone else up to $20,000
  9. TI-99/2
    Tagline : TI’s new basic computer. The one to start with and get smart with
  10. Hewlett-Packard HP-85
    Tagline : Introducing HP-85. A new world of personal-professional computation

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