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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Now this is how its done...

So I'm reading my daily dose of internet swill and useless crap and I find this article about a company in Waukegan, Ill and some huge bonuses that were handed out. Oh course I turn to the article to see if it was more gouging going on..but to my eyes I find out it's a true, honest to goodness amazing story of a business who gave out 5 figure bonuses to the people who worked so hard to make them great. Amazing Christmas time story.

Is anyone at my work listening to this? Granted I'm very lucky to have a job, but how much better would my luck be with an extra 5 figure bonus check to boot? I remember a 20/20 story years ago about some company in the south that gave out 6 and 7 figure bonuses when the owners sold the company, made hundreds of millions and paid each of their employee's a million plus and get this...they paid the taxes too. How great would that be?

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